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Recrear believes above all in the potential of young minds. Our aim is to enable inspired youths to create and carry out their own projects in the field of international development. Recrear is committed to positive global change by providing the necessary guidance for worldwide activists to generate socially beneficial micro-projects. Recrear’s projects are developed and run by young people for young people to promote human rights and cultural and ethical values. Recrear will be launched out of Recrear.beta as an international non-profit organization.

Objectives of Recrear

projects in the public benefit sector

We believe that in order to inspire and connect others, it is essential for us to have experience and be able to create our own projects. The participants attending Recrear.beta will be the first to be encouraged to transform their ideas into projects. The projects launched in this first small network that will be generated in Recrear.beta will plant the seeds to the establishment of new partnerships and the involvement of more people to share their skills and expertise. Recrear advocates ethical values and human rights and is committed to launching projects aimed to youth empowerment and education in promotion of these principles.

cooperation between young people worldwide


Too often, young people lack the ability to use their skills and give back to society.  Therefore, Recrear aims to provide peer support and consulting to young people willing to cooperate in designing and carrying out community projects.  Recrear encourages the youth to be active for the benefit of their community and society at large and looks to inspire existing projects to reach their full potential. By doing so, young innovators can develop their skills through practical field experience while sharing their knowledge, ideas, and passions with other young people.

resources and capacities for projects in the public benefit sector


From personal experience, the founders of Recrear have learned that finding and gathering people who share skills, interests and passions and are willing to cooperate on a project can prove difficult. Even harder is finding the right venue to deliver ideas and sponsor projects. By developing a network with a number of private, non-governmental organizations and individuals worldwide, Recrear will connect like-minded people, expertise, skills, time and money, thereby strengthening the likelihood that the initiated projects are seen to fruition.

Recrear.beta will be instrumental in defining and prioritizing Recrear's strategies. Our goals will be achieved through a Networking Center, the Assessment & Consulting Center and through Recrear's own Project Launch. Read more in the information package on Recrear and Recrear.beta.

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