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Recrear aims to create an international community of motivated students and young professionals to promote and facilitate community-based projects worldwide. In this regard, we are organizing Recrear.beta to provide training and learning experience to 21 Recrear Fellows on nonprofit management, community leadership and intercultural communication.

21 days, 21 bright minds. We invite students and young professionals from all over the world to take part in Recrear.beta taking place from August 3rd to 23rd, 2010 in the vibrate city of Berlin. Coming from a rich diversity of backgrounds, the group of young potentials will live and grow together for three intense weeks, to assemble and create Recrear. Read more about the 2010 Recrear Fellows or try to get one of the last available positions to join Recrear.beta in August.

Recrear.beta is a crucial step in organizing and developing Recrear.

The three weeks of Recrear.beta will allow Recrear to:

  1. Train young leaders

  2. Recrear.beta will train the participants in intercultural

  3. communication, leadership and NGO development.

  1. Build a network of young people interested in Public Benefit Projects

  2. Recrear.beta aims to build a united, skilled group committed

  3. to taking Recrear further and interested in the organization

  4. and implementation of public benefit projects.

  5. Develop a business plan for Recrear

  6. Developing a business plan is essential to create

  7. a statute for PBP, define Recrear’s strategies,

  8. and plan for their implementation.

Recrear.beta will provide an opportunity for participants to:

  1. Network within an international group of passionate, motivated activists

  2. Train in intercultural communication, leadership and NGO development

  3. Contribute to the development of Recrear

Goals of Recrear.beta

We are proud to announce that Recrear.beta will be hosted in Hotel4Youth's brand new facilities, centrally located directly on the border strip of the former Berlin Wall. We want to thank all the speakers and sponsors that are helping making Recrear.beta a great event.



3rd to 23rd 2010

Throughout Recrear.beta the participants of Recrear.beta will have the chance to explore and experience Berlin. Conferences and Lectures will be hosted in various parts of the city. The social and cultural program will take them to places such as the Brandenburg Gate (symbolic for the reunited Germany, the Reichstag with its modern glass dome as the seat of the German Parliament) or the impressive Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe with its 2,500 geometrically arranged pillars.


A must see for all interested in arts and history is the Museum Island with its worldwide acknowledged museums. The East Side Gallery, with last remains of the Berlin wall once dividing the city into East and West, is the largest open-air gallery in the world. Take a stroll along the famous boulevard “Unter den Linden”, an alley lined with historical statues and buildings like the Humboldt University, the State Opera and State Library, the German Museum of History as well as several embassies.

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