platform for public benefit projects


Recrear commits itself to develop and maintain a broad network of:


  1. People interested in public benefit projects [PBP],

  2. their planning and implementation

  3. Partners (Non-Governmental Organizations,

  4. Private Businesses, and Individuals)


In order to facilitate Recrear’s network, the Networking Center will include an online platform, which will connect people and organizations enabling them to work together, share ideas and assist each other. The online platform will provide access and information on:


  1. Assessed and accredited PBP

  2. Recrear‘s own PBPs

  3. Volunteers

  4. Partners with resources and capacities

  5. such as skills, expertise or funding

In order to ensure trustworthiness and ethical standards, Recrear will evaluate and asses:

  1. The projects interested in Recrear’s support

  2. Organizations interested in collaborating with Recrear 

  3. Volunteers interested in participating
    in PBPs organized by Recrear or Recrear’s partners


Recrear will consult young people and organizations interested in launching PBPs by:

  1. Reviewing their ideas and concepts

  2. Providing recommendations

  3. Supporting with their fundraising efforts

  4. Connecting them with partners and external consultants

Recrear will develop and launch its own micro-projects in collaboration with partner organizations. The focus of the projects will be aimed to promote:

  1. Personal empowerment and skills training,

  2. especially for the youth

  3. Intercultural communication and exchange

  4. Integration of minorities

  5. Ethical values and human rights education

  6. Social and economic development

Strategies of Recrear

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